Where Can You Get an Oil Change in Ocean Township, NJ?

Turn to B & A Quick Lube & Auto for a quick and easy oil change

It’s been a few months since your last oil change, and it’s time for another one. Who should you go to for a quick oil change? B & A Quick Lube & Auto, that’s who! Bring your vehicle to our Ocean Township, NJ shop for an oil change, and get a tire rotation and car wash for no extra charge.

We offer 4x4 service for front differentials, rear differentials and transfer cases. We can complete engine and transmission flushes and even replace your wiper blades.

Contact us at 732-455-3740 to schedule an oil change for your vehicle.

3 consequences of skipping oil changes

3 consequences of skipping oil changes

Having your oil changed is crucial for the optimum performance and longevity of your vehicle. Here are a few results of putting off an oil change for too long:

  1. Components of your engine will begin to warp and degrade
  2. Your engine will run inefficiently as a result of overheating
  3. The gears of your engine will seize up and stall your vehicle
Bring your car or truck to B & A Quick Lube & Auto for your next oil change.