Say Goodbye to Squeaky Brakes

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Does your car squeal every time you pump the brakes? If left unchecked, old, worn-out brakes can threaten your safety and that of other drivers on the road. If you need a brake tuneup, bring your vehicle to B & A Quick Lube & Auto today. We're a leading brake repair shop in Ocean Township, NJ. You can trust us to fix the issue causing the squeal so that you can stay safe behind the wheel.

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Common signs of brake problems

Common signs of brake problems

When the time comes to change your brake pads, choose B & A Quick Lube & Auto. We're equipped to work on most makes and models of vehicles. You should call our brake installation and repair mechanic in Ocean Township, NJ if:

  • You hear a grinding or squealing sound when you push down on the brake pedal
  • You must use more force than usual to stop your car
  • Your car shakes when you hit the brakes

If you notice these or any other issues, you can trust our brake repair pros to help. When you choose us, you'll also qualify for one of our warranty packages: a three-year/36,000-mile package or a two-year/24,000-mile package.

For more details about our brake installation and repair services, contact B & A Quick Lube & Auto today.