Let B & A Quick Lube & Auto Take Care of Your Air Conditioner and Exhaust Systems

Get a breath of fresh air with car AC and exhaust services in Ocean Township, NJ

Driving without AC can be a miserable experience – even dangerous, if the temperature rises high enough. If you’re having AC problems in your car or truck, bring it to B & A Quick Lube & Auto of Ocean Township, NJ. We use a dedicated air conditioning service machine, and we’ll change the filters and recharge the refrigerant to get your AC operating at full blast again. If you’re in need of exhaust services, we install Walker exhaust systems.

Dial 732-455-3740 to find out more about our AC and exhaust services.

3 signs you’re in need of exhaust repair

3 signs you’re in need of exhaust repair

Exhaust issues can manifest themselves in a variety of ways on the interior and exterior of your vehicle. Here are a few signs you’re having exhaust-related issues with your car:

  1. Loud rumbling noises are coming from your engine
  2. You feel vibrations in your gas pedal, steering wheel or the entire vehicle
  3. You’re noticing lower gas mileage
Consult with B & A Quick Lube & Auto about your exhaust and air conditioning-related issues.